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My name is Margarita Barry, I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and am a 24 year old Graphic/Web Designer, Writer, and Web Entrepreneur. My day job used to be working as a webmaster/web editor for a major radio station, but I left to start my own business in Bizdom U. I still freelance via Detroit Design Lab Studio and have other ventures that I will link to in the sidebar.

Although I am just getting my feet wet in the design scene, I hope to become an decorator/graphic designer/writer extraordinaire some day and will probably write a bit about my professional journey here as well. Eventually I would like to open up an eclectic boutique in the City of Detroit!

About The D in Decor

I have been so inspired by decor, fashion, and craft blogs that I feel like it’s finally my turn to give it a go. I have so much inspiration in my brain that I need somewhere to organize all of my thoughts and the fabulous things I come across on the web and in the dirty dirty D (Detroit) where I live. This is my personal blog and although I lead a busy life I hope to update here at least once each month.

The D in Decor is going to be about all of the cool things that I love, the slow progression of my home decorating skills, and will mostly cover (but will not be limited to) decorating, shopping, arts and pop culture—which are some things that I am deeply passionate about. I hope to cover other related topics, including architecture and other cultural observations especially in my hometown.

I hope you enjoy my blog, it’s been a long time in the making. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or want to share your tips, photos of your home (especially if you live in the greater Detroit area), or whatever just drop me a line.

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