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Living Room Progress!

July 2nd, 2008

My Living Room

If you want to know why I have been MIA, it’s because I have been cleaning up my house, and I officially started my new job…I recently left my job as a Graphic Designer for the Michigan Business Review and now work as a Web Editor/Webmaster for the local CBS Radio station here in metro Detroit..which I love, because I am a web geek at heart. I still get to do graphic design, but I also get to work with CMS and code..which is cool. Anywho I can’t believe all of the progress I have made so far with the living room in the past few weeks…

My Living Room

I donated a bunch of useless junk to the Salvation Army, including some larger furniture pieces and newer accessories…and thank heavens I got rid of the hideous blue sofa and loveseat set! They will actually come out to your house with a truck if you have tons of stuff–which we did–so that was a huge weight off of my shoulders (literally). Hopefully someone out there will put everything to good use.

Do you remember the before? I admit it doesn’t look much like my inspiration room yet, but you know it’s a start..and I never intended to copy the look entirely.

Above is Lula on our Pier 1 Rattan sofa, which I decided to keep in the living room for now – at least until I settle on a sofa. I will be covering the cushions–I’m thinking of using just a plain white or natural colored linen. The pillows I have been collecting for a while now. The pillow on the far left with the flowers is by inhabit, the two blue & white patterned are from Target, and the the naughty or nice pillow with all of the words is by Jonathan Adler (buy it here).

My cat Norman!

Above is my other cat Norman, whom we call affectionately call Normie Swarmie or “Norm Swarm”. This console is another Pier 1 product, the globe is from the Cool Plant Lady’s garage sale a few weeks back, The lamp base is a vintage find from the Salvation Army, the linen shade is from Anthropologie, the print/frame combo is from T.J. Maxx, the neon green pillow is from Big Lots, and the little plant habitat/ceramic pot combo was on sale for $3.99 at Kroger! Let’s see how long it lasts.

Again, I am a bargain shopper, so everything mentioned above was either on sale or clearance…you know how I do!

The book shelf has yet to be decluttered and organized and I’m sure the items on the console table will change, but I think overall I’m making good progress.

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