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You should see my living room right now, its jam packed full of crap. I started “Spring Cleaning” (I know Summer officially starts this week). The Salvation Army truck is coming to pick up everything on Wednesday, including our hideous blue sofa and loveseat so I’m excited to finally be rid of it. I refuse to take a photo of the chaos, but what I will do is introduce you to my kitchen, which for the moment, is the only room that doesn’t look like a massive earthquake hit it.

My Kitchen

When we first moved in, I painted it this heinous muddy brown, trying to imitate a kitchen that I saw in a home decorating magazine. Much like the sofa set, the kitchen started driving me insane so I painted the whole thing white and did a quick makeover using cheap accessories I found at Ikea, UO, and Target.

I wanted it to feel bright, fun, and kind of kitschy, so I filled it with cute prints, lots of light colors – pinks, blues, and greens…you can’t see the sink here but I painted the back splash the same yummy green that the lamp is.

We replaced a giant contemporary dining table with a smaller modern table set (seats 4 but came with 2 extra chairs) I found on Craig’s List, and I’m so happy with it. We almost never eat on it, but when our nieces and nephews come over they just adore sitting at it. It’s the perfect size for the space.

I said I was going to introduce you to my cats sometime soon, well that’s one of two–my little Lula sitting on the shelf. She is much bigger now, and all of those Ikea plants have unfortunately died. My first foray into house plants and I failed. I think I gave them too much plant food. Oh well.

The makeover is not incredible, but it is a temporary solution that serves its purpose. Eventually I would like to invest more time in decorating it: tile the back splash, and replace some of the $1 store art work with prints that I have been eyeing on Etsy. The point is now I can cook and be happy. It’s so true that a room can change the way you feel.

P.S. This week I have lots of cool stuff in store, including my first shop guide tomorrow. Stay tuned!

P.S.S. I was just kidding, I don’t cook.

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