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Yummy Garden Plants at The Yummy Garden Lady's Garage Sale

I do not by any means, have a green thumb but dagnabit I want one. I have been admiring the cool garden lady’s yummy landscaping for a few summers now, and every time I see it I just want to go over and introduce myself and get a good look at it. She lives nearby so this afternoon when I saw that she was having a yard sale I knew it would be a great opportunity to meet her and also scavenge for some goods for my own pad. Did I mention that I love garage sales?

Cool Garden Lady + Photos from her Yummy Garden

That’s her above, along with photos of her lovely front and back yard. She had lots of goodies for sale, but I’ll get to that soon enough. I didn’t ask for it, but I think she could tell that I felt like a kid in a candy store with my huge grin and wide eyes, and proceeded to take me on a tour of her garden–along with detailed descriptions of each plant and how to care for them. Her front yard was almost completely void of grass and was beyond beautiful with a diverse selection of perennials, annuals, and the cutest little trees I have ever seen. The backyard was equally as fabulous, and she even had a veggie garden complete with potatoes and corn (apparently the corn usually suffers due to greedy squirrels) .

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Cool Garden Lady\'s beautiful front yard

Above is a larger more detailed photo of Maria’s front yard. I told her she was going to have to come over to my place and give me a few pointers. Last year I started working on my poor little front garden. I’m a low maintenance kind of gal (and budget conscious), so I started a collection of perennials, knowing that they’ll grow back each summer. My mom has been my gardening mentor thus far, but now that I have Maria on my team I’ll have plenty of resources in close proximity.

Goodies I bought!

She had some cute perennials (photoed above) that she was practically give away for $1.00, so I scooped up four of those bad boys, bought a cute sweater, and this old globe! I’m a sucker for old vintage globes and had been scouring thrift stores looking for one just like it. I had such a great time at Maria’s, and she even helped carry me my stuff to the curb. And to think I was going to spend the day cramped up painting and no doubt poisoning myself from the toxic fumes (I know I need to start buying the eco-friendly paint). I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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